Repair parts for hydraulic piston pumps Vicker.

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Uchida AP2D12, 21, 25, 36.
Vicker PV080092 Series.
Vickers PV29,74,131 Series.
Vickers PVB5,6,10,15,20,29,45.

Vickers PVE19,21.
Vickers PVH57,74,98,131.140.
Vickers PVH57.
Vickers PVXS 130-180-250.

Vickers PVXS 130-180-250.
VRD63 (CAT 120).

The above-mentioned parts are not original parts. The original numbers are quoted for reference purposes only. Reproduction in whole and parts of the directory without written authorization is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to make any mistakes. We sale while stocks last.